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Our partners at HSTech Group are the leading “Smart Home” technology provider in the region and include special offers only for our clients.

    Lock or unlock your doors remotely to let in trusted contractors.

    Smart door locks add a whole new level of security and convenience to a smart home security system, allowing you to easily let people in – or keep them out – remotely. Smart home door locks offer these additional features:

    • Programmable locking - Set your door to automatically lock and unlock with customizable entry access codes.
    • One-touch lock - Lock your door with the tap of the screen.
    • Keyless entry - Forgot your keys? No problem, you won’t get locked out again.
    • Mobile access - Lock and unlock your doors from virtually anywhere with the
    • Smart Home mobile app.

      Adjust your smart thermostat to make your home comfortable for everyone and potentially lower your energy expenses.

      A smart home thermostat gives you greater control over your home’s energy use. Wherever you are, you can adjust, automate, schedule, and monitor your home’s temperature with your smart device. Smart Home thermostats offer these additional features:

      • Set up schedules to automatically adjust your home’s temperature.
      • Keep pets comfortable when you are away by using your phone to adjust the temperature.
      • Remotely monitor the temperature to see if your home’s temperature drops too low so you can prevent frozen pipes

        Use the Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel to control, integrate and customize the smart devices in your home.

        The Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel not only provides smart, simple integration and control of your home security and automation. Use the intuitive touchscreen control panel to open up a world of smart home possibilities.

          Control your system from virtually anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

          The mobile app takes the comfort of home you get with the HSTech Smart Home technology and puts it in your hands. You will have remote access and control of your smart security and home automation from practically anywhere.

          Control smart devices remotely using your smartphone or tablet with the app:

          • Lock/Unlock Doors*
          • Turn Lights On/Off
          • Open/Close Garage Door
          • Raise/Lower the Temperature*
          • Communicate with Visitors
          • Check-in on kids, pets, and your property from HD quality security cameras

          * Equipment provided by Gemcraft Homes

            Put more into your connected Smart Home with additional safety and home automation options.

            The HSTech Smart Home system is simple to use and designed to support a variety of accessories that strengthen security and enhance convenience. Additional options can be added when you meet with an HSTech technology consultant. If your needs ever change, upgrading in the future is easy to do.

            Each option below can be connected to your system that comes standard with your new home:

            • Keyfob
            • Door/Window Sensors
            • Motion Detectors
            • Glassbreak Sensors
            • Inside Night Vision Cameras
            • Exterior Cameras
            • Garage Door Control
            • Appliance/Lamp Modules
            • Lighting

              Images of equipment and app interfaces may vary from actual devices installed and current app software.

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