Top Reasons for Making the Move to West Virginia

Top Reasons for Making the Move to West Virginia

view of the mountains in west Virginia community by gemcraft homes

August 25, 2022

At Gemcraft Homes, we’ve been in business for over 25 years because we truly love the work that we do. Being able to continue to grow our company and build high-quality homes throughout some of the best neighborhoods within the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia has been an incredible experience, and we can’t wait to begin the next chapter of our journey as we head into the state of West Virginia. 

Admittedly, there are countless reasons why West Virginia is one of the best places to settle down—but we wanted to share just a few of them with you to show why this state should be at the top of your list when looking for the perfect location to buy your new home. 

Breathtaking scenery 

We’ll start with one of the more obvious reasons as to why West Virginia is a sought after location—referring, of course, to the natural beauty that encompasses the surrounding area. Nicknamed the “Mountain State '' for a reason, the Appalachian Mountain range can be seen throughout West Virginia—casting a tide of hills and mountains across the region. With endless hiking and biking trails to be found along this well-known route, and others, you’ll always end your day in front of some truly breathtaking views. 

This state is also the perfect place for any thrill seekers in the family with a seemingly endless array of rock climbing locations, white water rafting tours, and caving explorations to take advantage of. With peaceful rivers and lakes scattered throughout the state as well, you will also be able to spend some incredible afternoons fishing, boating, or simply relaxing by the water. No matter what, you’ll always be able to find a new way to enjoy the open air all around you. 

Low cost of living 

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the ideal place to settle down and purchase a home, and you might feel as if you need to choose between your ideal location and your ideal cost of living—with West Virginia, you can easily get the best of both worlds. The cost of living throughout the area is one to be reckoned with as it is roughly 10% lower than the national average. While looking into the prices of homes, utility costs, grocery costs, and more, they all fall below the average when looking at the cities and states surrounding West Virginia. 

Small-town—big city

It’s the small towns located throughout the state that truly make West Virginia what it is. At its core, the kindness of its residents easily shines throughout everything that they do—making your decision to move to the state that much easier. Scattered throughout the state are quaint towns where the feeling of community is easy to see and your neighbors will quickly turn into family. Settling down in West Virginia doesn’t mean you’ll give up on the excitement that comes with city life, however. With areas like Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Pittsburg only a short drive away—living in West Virginia will allow you to fully experience everything the great outdoors has to offer while at the same time, keeping you close to some of the largest and most exciting cities in the country.  

Gemcraft Homes

At Gemcraft Homes, we’re constantly on the lookout for the best locations we know our clients will want to live in—and West Virginia is next on the list. With communities coming soon throughout Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson counties—give us a call at (800) 291-7436 or fill out our online form today to stay up-to-date on these exciting new developments.

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